Former professional footballer who ventured into drug-dealing in Rugby was arrested before he made his first sale

A former professional footballer has paid a high price for his first venture into drug-dealing after he was arrested before he had even made his first sale.

Friday, 11th January 2019, 9:17 am
Updated Friday, 11th January 2019, 9:48 am
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Maciej Wojcicki had denied three charges of possessing drugs, ecstasy, cannabis and amphetamines, in August last year with intent to supply them.

But on the day of his trial at Warwick Crown Court, Wojcicki (21) of Omega Place, Railway Terrace, Rugby, changed his pleas to guilty and was jailed for two-and-a-half years.

Crime news.

Prosecutor Richard Gibbs said that in August last year police officers were in plain clothes in the Murray Road area of Rugby because of concerns about drug-dealing.

The saw Wojcicki, who was on a corner with a cycle, being approached by two men before going out of sight.

When they saw him again he was walking away, leaving a man named Robert by the bike, and they were both arrested and searched.

Robert did not have anything on him, but on Wojcicki the officers found some foil wraps, and then, in a glasses case, they found further wraps of drugs.

In total there were 33 wraps of ecstasy, a class A drug, 16 wraps of cannabis and eight of amphetamine.

Wojcicki, who claimed the drugs were all for personal use, had two phones but no money on him, but at his home the police found £230 in cash, said Mr Gibbs.

Jason Pegg, defending, said Wojcicki, who had been a professional footballer in Poland before moving to Rugby, had entered his plea on the basis that a man called Robert had asked him to sell the drugs.

In his basis of plea he said he was addicted to the three drugs at the time, and Robert was going to give him some in return for him selling them, and he had been given one of the phones found on him for that purpose.

“This was the first time I had been intending to supply them, but I never actually sold any drugs before the police arrested me. That is the reason I did not have any cash on me.”

Wojcicki, who said the money at his home was from his wages, explained that the two men he was first seen with were talking to him about Robert having stolen a bike, and were not buying drugs from him.

Mr Pegg said: “He is someone who is industrious. The problem he’s had with drugs is a result of his cronies in Rugby, and as soon as he obtains his liberty, he’ll be leaving the area.

“He had pressure put on him by this Robert, who is a known figure in the area. He is remorseful, because he knows what the effect of drugs is on people.”

Sentencing Wojcicki, Judge Antony Potter told him: “On the 9th of August last year you were found in possession, both on the street and in your home, of some 33 ecstasy tablets, 16 wraps of cannabis and eight wraps of amphetamine.

“That is a total of 57 units, a substantial amount of drugs that you have admitted you were intending to supply to other people.

“You admit you did that in part because you were encouraged by another more criminally experienced man, and in part because you decided that the attraction of being given drugs yourself for this was too much to resist.

“You have learned to your cost the consequences for people like you who are tempted by such offers.”