Fostering opportunities in Rugby

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COULD you be a carer? Staff from Warwickshire’s Fostering Team will be at Rugby Clock Towers in Rugby on Monday to talk to people about fostering opportunities in the county.

An information stand from the county council service will be available all day, and staff will be running a drop-in information session between 11am and 2pm to answer any specific enquiries from people interested in finding out more about what being a foster carer involves.

Depending on the needs of children, foster care placements can range from just a few months to others that last for many years. As a result, the fostering team believes that there are many people across Warwickshire who have the potential to perform this vital role.

Kelly Furness from Warwickshire’s Fostering Service said: “Fostering is a valuable and rewarding career for carers and their families.

“Carers can be single or couples; with or without children, retired, unemployed or working, so we can find the best match. To become a carer what matters most is time, space, commitment, patience, a caring nature and skills to work with children and their families.

“My colleagues and I are looking forward to meeting people at this event to tell them more about how they can get involved. We are particularly interested in meeting potential carers who can offer long term care or provide homes to teenagers.”

Full training and support is given to carers and carers are paid an allowance that reflects the real cost of looking after a child.

If you are interested but cannot attend event please contact the team on 0800 4081556 or visit