Frankie comes to the rescue of stab victim on London street

Krankie Fenwick-Wilson, who will be serving in Afghanistan in March.
Krankie Fenwick-Wilson, who will be serving in Afghanistan in March.

A SOLDIER and Lawrence Sheriff old boy saved a man’s life after he was brutally stabbed in central London before horrified shoppers.

Sapper Frankie Fenwick- Wilson, 21, used his military training to help an 18-year-old who suffered multiple stab wounds outside H&M in Oxford Street.

Frankie, who also plays for Rugby Lions, saw the victim slumped against the shop and intervened, using his shirt to stop the heavy bleeding. Police later told the soldier, of 25 Engineer Regiment, based in Cambridgeshire, that without his actions, the victim wouldn’t have survived.

He said: “I didn’t see the incident happen but I came across this lad who was slumped against a wall just moments after he’d been stabbed. He had wounds in his neck, head, back and armpit and was bleeding heavily.

“As soon as I realised what state he was in I knew I could help and my training kicked in.

“Despite there being blood everywhere I wasn’t shaken up at the time - I just did what I’d been told to do as the nature of some of his injuries were similar to shrapnel wounds.

“I took my shirt off and patched him up as best I could before paramedics arrived - it took them a while to arrive because Oxford Street was so packed.”

He added: “I got covered in blood and had some strange looks on the way home on the train. A couple of days later the police contacted me to say that without intervention he almost certainly would have died.”

Frankie is set to embark on his first tour of Afghanistan in March. Until then he’ll be playing for Rugby Lions after reaching an agreement with the club soon after new owner Michael Aland took over.

John Sevenoaks, his father, said: “When I fond out what he did I was obviously very proud of him.

“He was fairly low-key when he told me about it, it was only after I read about it in detail in the Evening Standard that I realised what a great and important thing he’d done.”