Frankton mum’s new book is out of this world

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A Frankton mum has written a new children’s book that’s out of this world.

Inspired by her fascination with space, Jody Scuffle wrote Nero The Superhero.

It features an exciting world of aliens, far flung galaxies, wormhole travel and a trusty sidekick dog.

Jody, 35, always dreamed about writing a children’s book.

She said: “I could have spent years trying and waiting for a publisher to take on my book, time I didn’t want to waste.

“I set about getting knowledgeable about the indie publishing industry and Phonic Hub was born.”

Things have moved quickly for the fledgling publisher. The traditional publishing route can take years for a book to get onto the shelves, even after a writer has sealed a publishing deal – but Phonic Hub has managed this in under eight months.

Independent publishing has seen a great surge over the last few years and has helped many writers realise their dreams of having a book in-print.

Jody said: “I have been fortunate in having friends experienced in useful areas such as editing, and I work a lot with children and know what they like. That said, writing is the easy part. When you do it yourself, you do everything yourself, and at times I have questioned my sanity. I have had a lot of late nights and it helps that I have a very understanding husband.”

Suitable for six to nine-year-olds, Nero the Superhero is available to order now from your local independent bookshop and direct from and is priced at £5.99. An E-book available on Amazon.

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