Free advice on scams and fraud at Rugby’s Clock Towers Shopping Centre

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Free information and advice on scams and frauds will be

available for Rugby residents at the Clock Towers Shopping

Centre on Thursday this week (May 9).

May is Scams Awareness Month 2013 Warwickshire’s Consumer

Empowerment Partnership will be setting up shop in the

Clock Towers to advise consumers on the many and varied

scams mass marketing scams perpetrated by fraudsters and

criminal gangs.

The partnership will be at the centre from 9am to mid-afternoon.

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The Warwickshire Consumer Empowerment Partnership is a

nationally funded pilot scheme led by Warwickshire County

Council’s Trading Standards Service and Warwickshire

Citizens Advice Bureau.

The aim of the partnership is to develop an integrated

consumer advice, education, protection, empowerment and

advocacy body, providing consumers with stronger voice.

There is a CEP in each district/borough of Warwickshire.