Friends support frail patients at St Cross

Leonora Brown, Jeanette Patlow and Matthew Roberts discussing how the new monitors will be used
Leonora Brown, Jeanette Patlow and Matthew Roberts discussing how the new monitors will be used

Frail patients will get extra mobility support thanks to an equipment donation from the Friends of St Cross.

The fundraising group for the Hospital of St Cross has provided the Oak Ward with eight new ‘fall monitors’.

The movement detection pads are placed under the bedding or seat cushions of frail patients in order to alert staff that the patients, who are unsteady on their feet, may be about to attempt to get out of bed or up from a chair.

Staff can then assist them to prevent a fall.

Modern Matron Judith Lewis said: “These new monitors assist us to prevent patients suffering harm by slipping or tripping when getting out of bed or up from a chair on their own.

“The alarm on the monitor alerts the staff when patients are not able to do this themselves.

“We are very grateful for the donation of these monitors and all the other support that these wards have received from the Friends.”

The Friends are continuing to raise money for the Diamond Jubilee Appeal.

The Grow Your Tenner campaign has helped the Friends top up the appeal total and has increased the amount of monthly contributors.

All online donations up to £10 will be matched.

Willy Goldschmidt from the Friends said: “Matching funds are available for local charities from the government’s Office for Civil Society via our online donation service

“Individual donations of up to £10 will be matched and, with Gift Aid, could become £22.50 for the Friends!

“Monthly donations of up to £10 will also be matched for six months.

“Up to £2,000 is available in matching funds for one-off donations and a further £10,000 could be matched for monthly payments signed up through the service.”

Supporters can help the Friends by donating at

The group will be holding various fundraising events in the coming months and tickets are available for the Christmas raffle, with several prizes worth £100.

For more information about the Friends and its fundraising events go to