From mum to monster in eight seconds: Watch Rugby mum’s amazing transformation

After a busy day at work and looking after the children, most mums relax in front of the television, but Nikki Shelley likes to do things a little differently.

Once she’s put the little ones to bed she transforms herself into ghoulish characters and frightful monsters.

Self-taught painter Nikki Shelley

Self-taught painter Nikki Shelley

The self-taught face-painter creates a terrifying range of clowns, aliens, werewolves and much more.

“I make sure the kids are in bed before I make myself into something scary just so they don’t have nightmares!” Nikki said.

“I sit on my own in a dimly-lit room with a mirror and try not to wake anyone up.

“I just love doing it,” she said.

Nikki's work

Nikki's work

The 33-year-old started by painting her children, Taylor, 13, Leah, 11, and Kaiden, nine, for Halloween.

“I enjoyed making them up for trick or treating and then my sister asked me if I would do some face painting at my nephew’s birthday party and of course I was happy to help,” Nikki said.

“Some of the parents at the party asked me for business cards and were really impressed with my work so my family encouraged to pursue it and I began practising more,” she said.

Nikki, who lives in New Bilton, has now shot to fame after her work was recognised on the internet and shared by thousands of people.

“It’s strange now that lots of people know my name,” she said.

“People have given me the most amazing compliments and I’m thrilled with the response, but it was a little overwhelming to start with because this is just something I do at home on my own,” she added.

Last week Nikki came first in Illusion Magazine’s art competition and she will now join the body painting magazine as an ambassador.

Husband Craig has been very supportive of her work and has let her paint him a few times.

“I’d really like to paint other people more often so I can try different techniques,” Nikki said.

“I know how much pressure to apply on my own face but obviously it’s different when doing it to someone else.”

She started doing special effect makeup 18 months ago and her work has recently been spotted by special effects pro and prosthetic designer Neill Gorton, who has worked on shows such as Doctor Who.

She said: “Neill is an incredible artist and to have someone of his status share my work is amazing.

“He’s offered me the chance to be an educator at a prosthetic show in Birmingham soon and I absolutely cannot wait.”

Care worker Nikki hopes to have a career in TV and film using prosthetics and special effect make up.

“I love horror films and take a lot of inspiration from them,” she said.

“The response to my work has been incredible and I really hope I can work my way up to movies and TV shows one day.

“I’m going to learn airbrushing and all sorts of other techniques, it’s very exciting,” she said.

To see more of her artwork, search The Painting Lady - Face & Body Art, Rugby on Facebook.