Fusion inspires Ashlawn pupils on ‘super day’

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SPORT and science mixed beautifully when Ashlawn School held a ‘super learning day’.

Year 9 students threw, jumped, ran and had their peripheral vision tested on a range of specialist machines last week.

One of the challenges involved racing Usain Bolt of the starting blocks, while students also had their lung capacity and heart rates monitored.

As if that wasn’t enough, they had a visit from 2011 Renault BARC racing champion, Dino Zamparelli - who, at the age of 19, is only a few years older than the school’s students.

He told them: “I wasn’t born a racing champion - I’ve got there through sheer hard work”.

Science teacher Liselle Dixon said: “Mr Zamparelli left the students feeling inspired and is a fantastic ambassador to his sport.”

The rising star talked of the challenges of raising the hundreds of thousands of pounds of sponsorship required to compete at such a high level. He also met Ashlawn’s own F24 racing team to share tips and encourage them for their own season, starting in April at Silverstone.