GCSE results withheld over boy’s £5.60 bill at Ashlawn School in Rugby

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A TEENAGER who spent weeks in hospital fighting for his life was told he couldn’t see his exam results because he had fallen behind with a school canteen bill.

Ashlawn School student Ryan Swinburn, 16, battled a serious heart condition and spent weeks at University Hospital in Walsgrave.

He was discharged in time to pick up his results which were predicted grades as he’d missed all his exams.

His mother, Deborah Harris, of Eastlands Road, said: “Ryan was told he couldn’t have the results because he owed £5.60 to the canteen.

“I was furious when I found out as it’s not his fault he has been so ill.”

She added: “He was humiliated in front of all his friends and this is the last thing he needed.

“I was also worried about his blood pressure because that can be high because of his illness.”

She went up to the school and demanded the results.

“I was told it was school policy,” said Deborah, who called the situation ‘ludicrous’.

She added: “I explained how ill Ryan had been and felt she showed no compassion for the child.

“The whole situation is ludicrous, totally ridiculous.”

A teacher handed over the results and Deborah agreed she would settle the canteen bill.

“It’s been a horrible time for the family and we didn’t need this extra stress. Ryan missed his prom and nearly missed out on getting his results.

“His results have got nothing to do with the school or its canteen.

“It’s a completely separate 
issue and it was so unfair of them to do that,” she said.

“I’m a single parent and I work hard for my son. I have no dispute about the bill and would have gladly paid it if I had known anything about it.

“Ryan is still quite ill and has to take a lot of medication. He has had a really bad year and did not need this.”

A spokesman for Warwickshire County Council, the education authority, said it was common for schools to withhold exam results from pupils with outstanding bills or fines.