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TWO defendants in the Gemma Hayter murder trial spread their turbulent love life across social networking sites for everyone to see.

Chantelle Booth and Daniel Newstead, who are engaged and have a child together, had several different internet profiles between them on Facebook, Myspace and Bebo.

Two of the other five defendants, Joe Boyer and Jess Lynas who are a couple, were also very active on Facebook before their arrest in August last year following the discovery of Gemma’s body.

Many of the online posts from the two couples were written in informal and non-standard English. Booth, who says she prefers ‘Channy’ to Chantelle, described herself as a typical blonde who is “very dippy and very dumb”.

On one of her Myspace profiles, Booth said: “i love goin clubbin hangin out and spending time with my huni daniel he means so much to me if i lost him it would tear me apart always and forever.”

On another Myspace profile Booth describes Newstead as a “sweet boy” who “drives me crazy”.

She continues: “i love him for the person he is hes going to be a fantastic father well thats what i think anyways and if people have a grudge on that then thats there problem not ares people think they can walk all over him but let me tell ya a little secret they ******* cant.”

Newstead, who lived with Booth in a flat in Little Pennington Street, stated on his social networking profiles that he had met the “girl of his dreams”. Their baby was born just a few months before the couple were arrested but was not living with them.

However despite the public displays of affection towards each other, conversations on Facebook between the pair showed otherwise.

On June 10 last year, around two months before they were both arrested and charged with murder, Newstead declared that Booth was cheating on him. Dozens of aggressive messages followed between the couple. Booth said: “Baby i love u i would never do nuffin to hurt u.”

Later she claimed: “Cut me self.”

Booth and Lynas even turned to Facebook shortly after Gemma’s body had been found, declaring that they had “heard” police had found a body in “Hilly”, prompting a torrent of abuse from friends.

Lynas, who is a mother, also plastered her turbulent life over Facebook.

Over a series of months Lynas discussed for love life in great detail, as well as her pregnancy, and spoke of “getting my baby back” after a drugs test came back clear.

In the most poignant of all the internet posts, Lynas stated in January 2010: “Why have all the bad things got to happen to me i aint bad so y me i just wanna cry my eyes out and kill sum1.”