Generous golden wedding couple donate to Rugby charity close to their hearts

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Peter and Olive Taylor celebrated their golden wedding anniversary by collecting donations for Rugby-based charity New Directions.

The couple donated £925 to New Directions which supports people with learning disabilities including their daughter Fiona.

Mr Taylor said: “Why would we want presents at this time in our lives when it gives us more pleasure to support the charity that does so much for our Fiona.”

Fiona Taylor has been accessing New Directions’ respite service for at least 20 years and now regularly visits New Directions’ purpose built respite accommodation Milner House.

She also spends time at New Directions’ flexible activities and opportunities service Community Choices Network where she goes horse riding every Thursday.

Mrs Taylor stressed how structured the activities service is and how the staff team endeavour to meet the needs of their customers so that they can guarantee a regular engagement in community visits.

Respite support for Fiona allows her to develop her independence while her parents take the opportunity to go on holidays where they often support local charities.

Fiona is keen to improve her daily living skills like cooking, food shopping, cleaning and washing and remarks that she is looking after her parents and the staff at New Directions wherever she can help out. Knowing that Fiona is happy in her choice of respite service, Mr and Mrs Taylor are empowered to take time to travel with the knowledge that she is developing her skills and her confidence while enjoying a break away from her parents too.

Mr and Mrs Taylor agreed: “We are delighted with the progress that Fiona has made with New Directions, she is so happy there and we would like to reward the charity for their efforts. New Directions are so reliable and the staff so enthusiastic which shows that they are enjoying their work. New Directions respite service has been a lifeline for us and we just wanted to say thank you in the best way we could.”

Chief Executive Doreen Woodward said “I would like to express my sincere thanks to friends and family of Mr and Mrs Taylor and the happy couple for their generous donations to our charity in support of learning disabled people. It is gifts like these that give us the support that enables us to continue to provide our vital services.”