Girl left in coma after being hit by car shows support for life-saving air ambulance

Jessica in hospital
Jessica in hospital

This December a very special little girl is asking Warwickshire to help Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance’s Christmas Appeal.

Jessica Wellborn, who is just four years old, is supporting her local air ambulance after a terrible accident left her gravely injured earlier this year – but the quick work of Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance helped save her life and see her home in time for Christmas.

Jessica is now happy and healthy

Jessica is now happy and healthy

Jess and her mum and dad had just been to a christening when the unthinkable happened. Without warning, the four-year-old ran into the road – straight into the path of a car.

Her mum, Katie, was immediately at her side. She said: “Her eyelids were going – eyelids fluttering. She lost consciousness, then she came round but was not responding. She did not recognise us. She was not looking at us – just staring.”

Jess’ nan, a nurse, dashed to the scene to help. Jess had suffered grazing to her face and leg, a buckle fracture to her leg and, most worryingly, a serious head injury.

East Midlands Ambulance Service’s rapid response car was soon on the scene, followed by the land ambulance and police, who closed the road so the air ambulance could land. Jess’ injuries were so severe that both Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance and their sister service Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance arrived on-scene, bringing skilled medical help including a trauma doctor.

Jess was flown to Birmingham Children’s Hospital from the scene. She had suffered two serious bleeds to her brain as well as swelling and bruising. The Glasgow Coma Scale is a 3-15 scale used to judged brain injury, with scores under eight being the most serious injuries. Jess was a nine at the scene – by the time she reached the hospital, she was at a three. Doctors warned she may not walk or talk again.

Just a few days after she arrived at the hospital, Jess was woken from her coma. Mum Katie said: “I asked her – Do you know mummy is here? - She squeezed my hand. I was so relieved I broke down.”

Over the following weeks Jess had to learn to swallow, talk, sit up, stand and walk again. But amazingly, the determined little girl was out of hospital just 18 days after her accident.

Now Jess is happy and healthy and she wants to raise money for the service that helped save her life. Her mum said: “It means the world that the air ambulance could be there that day – the doctors have told me that if she had travelled by road she wouldn’t have made it. The air ambulance saved her life.”

To donate to Jess’ Christmas Appeal, go to or call the charity on 08454 130999.

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