GOLF: Lauren Taylor has her mind set on Tour success in 2019

Rugby Golf Club member retains her full LET card with points from just three events

Monday, 14th January 2019, 3:32 pm
Updated Tuesday, 15th January 2019, 8:04 am
Professional golfer Lauren Taylor will start the year on the Sunshine Tour in South Africa later this month and will also be competing in the first LET events of the year in Australia in February, before returning to South Africa for another LET tournament. (Picture by Tristan Jones)

2019 should be a great year for golfer Lauren Taylor. Last year she retained her full Ladies European Tour card, finishing 78th in the rankings.

And while most of the others in the qualifying top 80 had played in more than ten events, many in 13 or 14, Lauren earned her points from just three out of the four she took part in.

Lauren is grateful to Noble Foods for supporting her with a car

She played well in both the South Africa Women’s Open in March and Jabra Ladies Open in France (a duel ranking event with the Access Tour) in May and finished the year with an outstanding 13th place in the Women’s Indian Open in October.

Lauren, 24, who turned professional in 2013, puts her latest excellent performance down to a stronger mental game. “I caddied for a friend and watched some of the best golfers in the world,” she explained. “I realised that my game is very similar but their mindset and attitude was a real eye-opener, which I tried to take into the event in India. It was felt so good to be back to how I was playing and I know what I have to do mentally, staying positive.

“India is the hardest course anyone will ever play and so I was very happy to play that well out there. I knew it was my last chance to qualify and I’m going to take that attitude and positivity into this year and hopefully get a win.

“It’s shown me where my game is at. Golf is quite a frustrating game and it’s easy to dwell on things that haven’t gone well.

“I was proud of myself to keep my card from scoring in just three events. The rest of the year I was playing on the secondary tour and doing the main tour events when I could.

“It was a tense wait to see if I would finish in the top 80, so I was very happy to have just sneaked in! I feel like I’ve had some tough breaks, so it was nice to have a good break for once. Now I can push on from that this year.

“I’ve learnt a lot about myself on and off the course and where my strengths are. I’m feeling very happy, very content and that this is going to be a really good year.”

Having already secured her card, it meant Lauren didn’t need to go to Tour School this year. “It was the best December ever!” she said. “It was nice to be able to relax and enjoy Christmas.”

And having won the BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year in 2011, she was able to take up her annual invitation to this year’s ceremony in Birmingham and enjoy her moment on the red carpet alongside with the nation’s other top sports stars.

“I think I’ve only been able to go once since I won it, as the dates always clash with Tour School, so this was a really special way to top off the year,” she added.

Lauren would like to thank her sponsor Noble Foods (the Happy Egg co and Gu Puds) who support her with a car.

“It means a lot to me that they have extended their sponsorship for another year and are committed to supporting women in sport,” she added. “Having the car is a massive help and I am very grateful to them.”

Lauren is also hoping local businesses would like to support her golfing career.

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