Great performances from 12-strong cast in Rugby Theatre’s Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies at Rugby Theatre
Lord of the Flies at Rugby Theatre

Lord of the Flies - Rugby Theatre - running until Saturday.

Go to see this production as very civilized people who are all very sure of ourselves and know what is right and wrong, in a very orderly, all correct, manner.

Brimming with confidence that comes from years of human evolution that firmly puts us in our secure place in life.

Now see how these beliefs can be shattered in a most brutal and degrading way .

Is the obvious leader to be followed?

Is the physically weakest person really a fool who should be ignored and criticised for his appearance and opinions?

Are we easily led by the strongest, loudest people who obviously know what is good for us and how we should live our lives?

It’s plan to see the 12-strong cast from schools and colleges all over Rugby have been rehearsing hard for this production, under the watchful eye of the theatre’s artistic director Alan Pavis.

Some really strong performances.

Watch and think and relate what you see to the way you have been taught (or brainwashed) and have self- righteously passed on your beliefs and attitudes to you children.

“Do as I say – it must be right?”

If we think everyone else is stupid we can always have a meeting.

Food for thought and quite disconcerting.

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Lindsey Howell