Greyhound racing opponents vow to close track down in Brandon

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ANIMAL rights campaigners held a peaceful protest at the re-launch of Brandon’s greyhound race track on Sunday.

Around 20 supporters of Coventry Against Greyhound Exploitation waved banners and placards at the gates of the stadium.

CAGE co-ordinator Ann Casey said: “We will be protesting outside the track every week until it closes again.

“After it first re-opened about eight years ago, we held weekly protests, which were partly responsible for two companies that ran dog racing there going bankrupt, owing to poor attendances, with the result that the track closed in December 2009.

“We are determined that the new company that has restarted the greyhound racing will go the same way and that the track will close again as more and more people become aware of the suffering and slaughter of greyhounds caused by the dog racing industry.”

It’s three years since greyhounds raced around the track at Brandon Stadium.

Harry Findlay, who is the man responsible for the re-launch, said the greyhounds are well cared for.

“I’ve sponsored retired greyhounds and I have re-homed over 60 of the greyhounds I’ve worked with,” he said.

“I’d like to think times in the past when greyhounds were not looked after properly are a thing of the past, they certainly will be looked after here.”