Greyhounds to gather for a great walk

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GREYHOUNDS, lurchers and their owners will be putting their best paws forward in Ryton on Sunday (June 24).

The event is part of the third Great British Greyhound Walk (GBGW) and takes place at Ryton Pools.

Rugby & Coventry Retired Greyhound Trust want sight hound owners to join in the walk, to raise awareness and promote the breed as pets once their racing days are over.

Mary Ridgway said it is the third year the trust has taken part in the event.

She said: “Greyhounds make great companions; they adore human company, are gentle, docile and loving and walk really well on the lead.

“Contrary to popular belief, greyhounds don’t require much exercise. Just two 20-minute walks a day suits them but of course they enjoy longer walks too.”

Other breeds are welcome to take part in the walk, which starts at 10.30am from the visitors’ centre and lasts about an hour. Phone (01788) 833855 for information.