Halloween fun at Full Metal Racket

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RUGBY’S Full Metal Racket once again lurches into town - but now with a cruel twist.

Organisers are pleased to welcome the return of Rugby’s premier live metal night which this time is in association with Rugby’s Zombiethon 2011.

As always Full Metal Racket will be held at the Vault night club tomorrow night (Friday) with three ‘brain devouring’ up-and-coming metal bands.

Up first will be Rugby’s own Save the Heavens who will be enjoying their Full Metal Racket debut.

Second on are yet to be confirmed but organisers have promised that metal fans will not be disappointed.

And finally, growling to the stage for the headline slot will be Full Metal Racket favourites Morgue Orgy who will no doubt be stalking the land and spreading terror with their metal onslaught.

And as the night is so close to Halloween there will be a prize on the night for all those turn up in fancy dress.

Michael Rogers, one of the Full Metal Racket organisers, said: “Bring out your dead and get down to the Vault for some serious fun.”

The event is part of a Halloween-themed weekend so visit www.vaultnightclubs.co.uk and Full Metal Racket on www.facebook.co.uk for more information.

The weekend will be finished off by the now legendary Zombiethon 2011 zombie walk which will be held in Rugby town centre on Sunday.

Visit www.zombiethon.co.uk for more information.

Full Metal Racket opens its doors at the Vault, just off Little Church Street, at 8pm on Friday.

The event is open to anyone over the age of 14.

ID will be required.

All profits from the event will be donated to Cancer Research UK and the Royal British Legion.