Harris Academy pupils praised for helping woman after car flipped over

Laura Lewis, assistant headteacher, and Ellie Cutter at Harris Academy
Laura Lewis, assistant headteacher, and Ellie Cutter at Harris Academy

Two pupils who ‘courageously’ stopped to help after a woman’s car flipped over have been praised by their school.

Ellie Cutter and Ethan Smith were walking through Long Lawford on their way to Harris Academy when a woman’s car skidded on a speed bump and smashed into a Land Rover, flipping onto its roof.

The pupils rushed over to see if the driver was injured and called the police and ambulance service.

Two days after their kind act, the driver pulled up alongside them and gave them a thank you card and present, praising their caring actions.

Describing the accident, Ellie said: “A lady was happily driving down the road and the sun was bright.

“Her car suddenly skidded on a speed bump and then she smashed into a Land Rover. Her car flipped on its top.

“Me and Ethan ran over to see if she was okay and then we called the ambulance and the police.

“We stayed with her the whole time when waiting for the ambulance and the police.”

“Two days later, the lady saw me and Ethan walking to school and she stopped us and gave us a card and a present to say thank you.

“She also said her head still hurts!”

Mr Glendon-Doyle, head of York House at Harris Academy, said the school was proud of the way Ellie and Ethan handled the dramatic situation.

“Both Ellie and Ethan told me of their courageous act when they arrived at school on the morning of the crash,” he said.

“I commended them both for doing such a caring act. Two days later, they came to show me the card the lady had given them.

“The writing inside was very heartfelt and the lady made a point of saying how amazingly brave they both were and how maturely they acted.

“The lady said ‘Your parents must be very proud of you both’.

“That afternoon during our whole school assembly, we commended both Ellie and Ethan and celebrated how well they had cared for the lady and how maturely they reacted.”