Haul of illegal alcohol found on sale in Rugby town centre shop

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OFFICERS have seized 96 bottles of illegal alcohol from an independent supermarket in Rugby.

Trading Standards Officers from Warwickshire County Council, acting on police intelligence, visited the store on Monday, following complaints about antisocial behaviour in the area and the sale of smuggled alcohol.

Officers, accompanied by police, discovered bottles of smuggled spirits of eastern European origin on sale in the supermarket, some of which was labelled as being 95 per cent alcohol.

The average bottle of vodka is 40 per cent.

Janet Faulkner, head of Warwickshire Trading Standards said: “Irresponsible traders who through their actions cause antisocial behaviour and threaten the livelihoods of genuine retailers are warned that they will be targeted.

“Warwickshire Trading Standards will continue to take action against those who attempt to sell smuggled or fake alcohol.”

All the bottles were seized by Warwickshire Trading Standards and some have been sent off for analysis.

Officers are now carrying out further enquiries with a view to further enforcement action.

Trading Standards said the name of the supermarket could not be revealed at the moment.

Paul Hooper, group manager: community safety and substance misuse, added: “Illicit alcohol of this type can be attractive if it is priced cheaply but if you don’t know what you are drinking then the health effects could be devastating.

“We would advise all consumers who choose to drink alcohol to be careful when buying products and avoid the unknown.”

Trading Standards warned that 95 per cent alcoholic liquids are used for medicinal purposes and household solvents.

For more information on fake alcohol visit drinkaware.co.uk/facts/the-dangers-of-fake-alcohol.