Haywaggon in Churchover could be under threat of closure

Haywaggon pub, The Green, Churchover - in danger of closing.
Haywaggon pub, The Green, Churchover - in danger of closing.

A VILLAGE pub is in danger of closing after plans to covert it into a house were submitted to Rugby Borough Council.

The Haywaggon in The green, Churchover, could shut if Rugby Borough Council (RBC) approves plans to convert the building into a private detached house.

The application was submitted by Karen Gargiulo who owns the pub with husband Guy. The couple, who have run it for many years, are hoping to sell the pub so they can retire but worried locals fear that if the application is approved then the pub could close.

Villager Karen Down said: “Its closure would have a devastating effect on village life, changing the character of Churchover from a real community into more of a dormitory settlement.

“The closure is being fought locally. With the Government, through the new National Planning Policy Framework, expecting councils to resist the loss of community facilities in villages, such as pubs and shops, villagers are hopeful that Rugby Borough Council will reject the application.

“The threat comes because the present proprietors wish to retire and have had trouble selling in the current poor economic climate.

“Whilst there is local sympathy for their personal circumstances, this must not be allowed to destroy a well liked and well located historic village pub which benefits the whole community. Once lost the Haywaggon will never be replaced.”

The pub not only serves drinkers but Sorrento-born Guy also cooks Italian and English food.

The planning application states change of use from public house/restaurant to a single dwelling. If approved it would have four plus bedrooms and parking spaces for six cars.

The application also asks for permission to build a detached garage to the front of the building and a first floor extension of the side with dormer windows to the front.

The consultation period ends on September 20.

Mr and Mrs Gargiulo were unavailable for comment as the Advertiser went to press.