Rugby girl. 14, televised while drunk on Cherry’s Parenting Dilemmas

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A RUGBY teenager was featured swigging neat vodka out of a bottle on the streets in a programme about parenting on BBC3.

‘Abbey’, 14, was one of the children on Cherry’s Parenting Dilemmas, screened last week.

Presenter Cherry Healey spent time with different families learning about various parenting styles.

Abbey had been grounded for two weeks for her behaviour by mother Lyndsay and wanted to mark her new-found freedom.

Before her night out the teenager said: “She [mum] doesn’t want me to come home drunk or lean [high on drugs].”

Abbey went to a gig at The Vault nightclub after drinking spirits from a large bottle, bought by a male friend.

The teenager was refused entry and planned to spend the evening on the streets until her mother picked her up at around 11pm, thinking she had been inside the club.

When Cherry asked about the alcohol, Abbey said: “It tastes a bit grim but it’s worth it.

She spent the evening slurring, staggering and swearing until a member of staff from the nightclub became concerned for her welfare and called the police. Her mother took her straight home.