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Race for Life'Christine Addison
Race for Life'Christine Addison

Friday the 13th is a date Christine Addison will never forget.

It was the day she discovered a lump in her breast and ended up having a double mastectomy.

Christine, 33, of Coton Meadows, said: “It was New Year’s Day 2012 and I was filled with excitement, anticipation and enthusiasm as I spoke to my dad on the phone.

“He ended the phone call with: “2012 is your year Chris” and I felt like it was.”

On Friday, April 13, Christine and her husband-to-be Ian got home from a night out with her husband Ian and felt a pain in her left breast.”

A scan and biopsy revealed the worst.

Then Christine had to deal with the death of her mother from lung cancer, just before her wedding, which took place on June 23 in Catthorpe.

“I had an operation and when results were in they weren’t good,” she said.

“The cancer was that aggressive and much further advanced than they first thought. The honeymoon was cancelled, and I was referred as an urgent case for chemotherapy.”

Christine needed a double mastectomy to ensure the cancer couldn’t spread.

“I was discharged five days after and had three weeks to get well for Christmas,” she added.

“The new boobs took a bit off getting used to, smaller and flat with no nipples - weird, but a million times better than those cancerous ones!”

Ian paid tribute to Christine, saying she had dealt with everything “amazingly”.

He said: “The past 11 months have been so challenging as we had been planning our wedding for three years and all this happened with seven weeks to go. There is a 98 per cent chance that she will have other cancers and potentially she will be battling cancer for the rest of her life.

Christine is taking part in Race for Life in Rugby on July 15.

Visit www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/christines-crew0