Heavily pregnant Rugby woman ‘let down’ by staff at UB40 gig

Reece and Catherine
Reece and Catherine

A heavily pregnant woman who was hurt at a gig said she felt ‘vulnerable and let down’ after staff failed to help her.

Catherine Hanby and her partner Reece Bowes, of Rugby, recently went to see UB40 perform at Warwick Students’ Union in Coventry.

With Catherine, 36, being seven months pregnant - something the couple didn’t foresee when booking the tickets - they requested to be seated and organisers offered them two seats in an access area. But during the concert, a woman climbed into the seating area, landing on Catherine’s stomach. Catherine jumped up to protect herself, and the woman took her seat. The woman then pushed Catherine and elbowed her stomach.

“I felt winded for the next 45 minutes and it was still tender after we left. My bump has moved since it but didn’t for about 30 minutes. It wasn’t normal as it loves reggae and was dancing from the moment the DJ started,” she said.

“The steward was facing the band and did not intervene.”

Catherine told the woman she was hurt and the woman began touching her stomach and face. “She was trying to say sorry but decided to rub my knee and pat my bump. She was touching my face and my other half had to tell her repeatedly to stop. Again the steward didn’t intervene or look over,” Catherine said.

“I have been to some lively gigs but never have I felt so vulnerable and been let down by the staff who are meant to protect and do crowd control.”

A spokesman for Warwick Students’ Union apologised for the incident. “We are reviewing how this area is accessed and managed and are confident that Catherine’s unfortunate experience will not be repeated.”