Help make Rugby better for people with dementia

Cllr Jose Compton says little changes can make a big difference
Cllr Jose Compton says little changes can make a big difference

Life could get better for people in Rugby with dementia thanks to a new grant scheme.

The county council is seeking bids to make buildings and or physical environments more suitable for those with dementia. Eligible places could include residential homes or day centres or places which people with dementia use frequently, such as cafes and garden centres.

The authority says big improvements can result from relatively minor changes, such as making places light and airy, using colours carefully and creating quiet or sensory rooms. Such alterations can help people with dementia make decisions more easily, reduce agitation or distress, encourage independence and social interaction and promote safety.

Cllr Jose Compton, the councillor responsible for adult social care policy, said: “The evidence shows that making relatively minor changes to the environments in which people with dementia access care and support can have a dramatic impact on their overall experience of care, which help them to achieve better outcomes. We hope to see lots of organisations submitting bids for funding and see this as another great example of Warwickshire leading the way in thinking about how best to meet the needs of people with dementia.”

The county council is encouraging anyone bidding for funds to think innovatively and creatively about the types of changes and adaptations that they could make. The minimum value that can be bid for improvements is £6,000. Bid submissions will be reviewed and scored by an expert panel and successful applicants will be notified by Tuesday May 27.

Bids should be supported with evidence that shows that discussions with service users, carers and trustees of the organisations have taken place and have helped shaped the bid.

Visit here for more information. The deadline to submit bids is 10am on Monday May 12.