Help Rugby have a green Christmas by ‘recycling right’

A leaflet explaining how to recycle efficiently has been delivered to thousands of homes across the borough
A leaflet explaining how to recycle efficiently has been delivered to thousands of homes across the borough

Residents have been urged to help Rugby have a green Christmas by putting the right rubbish in recycling bins.

The festive season traditionally results in a rise in waste and Rugby Borough Council has issued a reminder to residents to ‘recycle right’.

The council launched its Recycle Right for Rugby campaign in September to boost the borough’s recycling rate and reduce the number of recycling bins contaminated by rogue items of rubbish.

A leaflet - delivered to thousands of households at the campaign’s launch and now available for download on the council’s website - reveals what rubbish should be put in each household’s three bins: black, blue and green.

The leaflet also details the ‘dos and don’ts’ of recycling in Rugby - and highlights the importance of putting items in the bins loose rather than placing items in non-recyclable bags.

Plastic bags have become the number one cause of contaminated bins in the borough, with as many as one in five bins contaminated on occasion.

Just one rogue item - such as a plastic bag - contaminates a bin, meaning the bin lorry’s load can end up in a landfill site rather than at a recycling centre.

Contamination costs the environment and the taxpayer. A contaminated lorry load loses the borough council £774 in recycling credit, while costing Warwickshire County Council £1,620 in landfill fees.

Cllr Sally Bragg, responsible for sustainable environment at Rugby Borough Council, said: “With the support of residents, we now recycle more than half of Rugby’s household waste.

“But by making sure the right waste goes in the right bin we can recycle more, reducing the amount of rubbish which goes in landfill sites and increasing our support for the environment.

“I’d urge everyone to check the basic ‘dos and don’ts’ of recycling before the festive season gets into full swing, and help Rugby have a green Christmas and New Year. Common examples are the wrapping paper into the blue bin and the turkey carcass in the green bin.”

For more information on recycling - and to download the Recycle Right for Rugby leaflet - visit