Help to design memorial to Rupert Brooke

RUGBEIANS are being asked for their ideas to help design a memorial dedicated to one of the town's most famous sons.

As reported in the Advertiser last week a monument to Rupert Brooke is being planned for the Clifton Road cemetery.

This will replace the former wooden cross which originally marked Brooke's grave in Greece following his death in the First World War.

It is yet to be decided what form the memorial will take and now people are being asked for their suggestions.

Rosamond Peirson, a member of the Rupert Brooke Society and distant relative of the poet, said: "We are open to ideas.

"We would certainly value the input of anyone from Rugby as to what form they think the memorial should take.

"Rupert is a central figure in the town's history and a lot of people still feel very strongly about him."

The famous wooden cross that was previously in the cemetery was removed earlier this year after it was feared that it could not last much longer in the open air.

It will soon be moved on to Rugby School and placed in a chapel close to memorials of other old Rugbeians.

When Brooke died on the way to service in the First World War he was buried on the Greek island of Skyros.

His grave was first marked with a wooden cross which was painted and carved with his name.

When a permanent memorial was constructed on Skyros, Rupert's mother Mary Ruth Brooke had the wooden cross brought back to Rugby and placed on the family grave in Clifton Road.

Rupert's younger brother Alfred was killed in action in June 1915 in France and the wooden cross which had originally marked his grave was also brought back to Rugby.

Anyone with a suggestion on how the Rupert Brooke memorial should look can contact the Advertiser on (01788) 539970 or via our postbag and we will pass on your details to Mrs. Peirson.