Help us celebrate the longest in Rugby

Join in ...
Join in ...

What ingredients do you have to mix to get a typical Rugby day?

Which places have to feature, what noises would you have to hear and what sights do you need to see to know that you are in our town?

The Advertiser will be marking the longest day of the year tomorrow, Friday, with a special project – and we would like a bit of help from you.

Tomorrow, we will be out and about recording some aspect of life in Rugby – in just 15 seconds.

That may mean capturing a sunrise, wildlife or fun in a town park.

It could be pupils at school, shoppers in town or staff in a factory. Whatever it is, it will capture life in one Rugby day.

You will find recordings that are planned and are a vital part of any Rugby day, alongside others which are taken on the spur of the moment yet are just as important to the end product.

What we would like you to do is join in and send us your own short clip recorded on a mobile phone.

It could be from your work place, favourite takeaway, your back garden or a park bench – if it means Rugby to you then let us share it. Our digital team will be combining your clips to make one video summing up the longest day in Rugby.

You can also send us photographs which we will incorporate into the finished product.

The longest day in Rugby 2013 will be preserved for posterity by the Advertiser, but it is always great to get a little help from you – our friends and readers.

Send your Longest Day video clips or photos to