Here is what Rugby council said about developer's removal of hedgerows on Ashlawn Road

Image submitted by John Potter.
Image submitted by John Potter.

Rugby Borough Council has released a statement after the developer behind an 860-home housing development prompted anger from residents when it removed sections of hedgerow along Ashlawn Road.

The statement comes after David Wilson Homes (East Midlands) halted the destruction of hedgerows on Ashlawn Road and Rugby council said it was seeking legal advice to see if the developer has broken the law - you can read the story here.

Here is the statement in full:

A spokesman for Rugby Borough Council said: “We have received a number of reports regarding the removal of hedgerows in Ashlawn Road and planning officers, the council’s arboricultural officer and Warwickshire County Council’s ecology officers visited the site yesterday (Wednesday).

“Under the conditions of planning permission, developers were allowed to create two access points to the site, including work which required the removal of sections of the hedgerow. We’re now in the process of checking whether the hedgerow which has been removed complies with the conditions of the planning permission.

“We’re aware of concerns regarding the possibility of nesting birds being disturbed during the removal of the hedgerow. The developer employed the services of an ecologist prior to the hedgerow being removed to check for nesting birds and other wildlife, and we have passed the report compiled by the developer’s ecologist to the ecologist at Warwickshire County Council for inspection.

“Following discussions, the developer has voluntarily agreed to stop further work on the hedgerows until we have fully investigated the matter. An archaeological team working on behalf of the developer remains on site.”