HGV drivers use street as makeshift toilet

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Business owners on a Rugby industrial estate have been left disgusted by the antics of HGV drivers who use the road outside their premises as a toilet.

The drivers have been caught on camera relieving themselves by the side of their vehicles after parking in Somers Road.

“A CCTV camera outside our offices captured a lorry driver urinating in the street,” said Phil Shaw, managing director of Shaw Sheet Metal (Rugby) Ltd.

“There are no facilities round here for the personal convenience of drivers, but I’m sure everyone will agree that this behaviour is not acceptable.

“We have had continual problems caused by HGVs parking dangerously and this is the straw that has broken the camel’s back. I now want to have a meeting with Warwickshire County Council to discuss this.”

Gary Townsend, of Townsend Vehicle Hire, said: “Drivers have been caught in the act using the road as a public toilet. It’s a health hazard.”

Businesses are complaining that the rising number of lorries parking in Somers Road and Upton Road is damaging the surface of the public road and their private driveways when drivers perform U-turns.

In March of this year a lorry reversed into the gas main outside Runabout Auto Centre, as well as knocking a wall down. “Property owners like ourselves are being presented with large bills for repairs,” added Mr Shaw. “The cost to us is now past the thousand-pound mark.”

There are also safety concerns, shared by residents in Addison Road, over increasing traffic volumes and congestion, and the parking of trailers near to junctions which obscure the view for drivers of oncoming vehicles.

There are currently no parking restrictions on the industrial estate. Mr Townsend said: “The authorities should ban overnight parking and we need double yellow lines to solve the parking problems during the day.”

Cemex, whose cement plant is located on nearby Lawford Road, admits it is the source of some of the lorry traffic but says it is “a tiny part of the problem”.

Ian Southcott, the company’s UK community affairs manager, said: “Ever since this problem became apparent, we have been involved in trying to resolve the issue.

“We have issued very firm instructions to our staff, contractors and visitors about parking in this area and regularly issue reminders.

“We sympathise with local residents and their desire to see traffic calming addressed and even a new access off the Western Relief Road but these are matters for the county council.”

A spokesperson for Warwickshire County Council said: “The council plans to formally propose a ban on footway parking on Somers Road later this financial year.

“The ban will primarily be to address the potential safety issue of children using the footpath to access facilities on the industrial estate.”