High profile policing operation in Rugby to crack down on criminal use of vehicles

police tape
police tape

Warwickshire Police has carried out a high profile policing operation in Rugby to crack down on the criminal use of vehicles travelling in and out of the town.

The operation was carried out in alliance with the Rugby Community Safety Partnership and used vehicle number plate recognition cameras around the town centre to link in with police data bases, to spot vehicles which are being used illegally.

This includes vehicles that are not insured or are being driven by disqualified drivers.

Planning for Operation Spennymoor started in September and involved Warwickshire and West Mercia police officers from the specialized Operations Patrol Unit, to identify and stop the suspect vehicles.

Camera technology has monitored a high number of uninsured vehicles travelling to and from Rugby and the policing operation was launched to identify and deal with motorists posing a risk to themselves and others. Operation Spennymoor took place during daytime hours in Rugby from 30 October to 1 November, with a further day in areas of Nuneaton.

During the entire operation over 200 vehicles were stopped and checked. A total of 14 vehicles (3 x vans, I x motorcycle and 10 x cars) were seized at the roadside by police and impounded for having no insurance.

Officers reported a total of 57 motorists for a range of offences - including driving without insurance, driving without an MOT, using a mobile phone whilst driving and having no driving licence. Sixteen drivers were also dealt with for offences of excess speed.

Chief Inspector Mike Slemensek, in charge of the policing operation said:

‘During this operation we have successfully utilised the cameras in Rugby town to identify and bring to justice a significant number of people who are routinely committing offences through the use of their vehicles. The results of this operation will hopefully serve to deter others who might be tempted to flout the law. We will continue with similar operations across the county to deny criminals the free use of our roads and to promote safety on our roads’.

Rugby Community Safety Partnership Manager Derek Newell said: ‘The partnership has invested in cameras to help improve safety in the Borough. The cameras are monitored on a 24/7 basis and I am very pleased that we have worked with Warwickshire Police on this special operation- which should send out a clear message to people that there are consequences for those break the law in their vehicles’.