Hillmorton dog whisperer to the rescue!

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No Caption ABCDE NNL-180208-153833001

In my last article, I was tasked with the training of Luna, a year old Jackapoo owned by Rugby Advertiser reporter Lucie Green.

If you missed it, you can catch up on the Lowhills Facebook page using the link below.

Recapping on the last training session, we covered rewards, marking behaviours and timing, reinforcing behaviours we want to see from our dogs (chewing toys/chews instead of our furniture and hands), luring into position (sit, down) and finally adding cue words once the behaviour has been established.

In our second session together we looked at the indoor recall, hand touch/target, weaving of objects.

The reason for training the recall indoors is so that we can practise what we want our dogs to do without any distractions; we can then start adding distractions and take the indoor recall to the garden.

While we are in the garden or outdoor space, the weaving of objects is a great preparation exercise for our loose lead walking where we practice a more exciting way to get our dogs to walk beside us and follow our lead, give us eye contact and practise getting our dogs interested in us so we can use this later in some real life situations.

The hand touch/target is where we ask the dog to put its nose on the palm of our hands; this has many uses from recall to staying still during veterinary examinations

Again, these will be practised in short training bursts of five - ten minutes throughout the day.

Lucie said: “Luna and I have only had two training sessions with Sophie and already I can see a big difference in my puppy’s behaviour.

“Sophie is sharing techniques to help me feel in control and I’m amazed how far Luna’s come in a short space of time.”

You can view Lucie and Luna’s training video on the Lowhills Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/lowhillssanctuaryandbehaviour/