Hillmorton girl designs posters to keep community free of dog mess

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A Hillmorton Primary School pupil with community spirit has been busy trying to keep her neighbourhood clean and clear of dog mess.

Jayme-Leigh Proffitt-Carter, six, came up with the idea of putting a poster up in Coton Road to encourage dog owners to clear up after their pets.

Jayme-Leigh’s mum Naomi Proffitt, who lives in Wigston Road, said: “Me and my children walk up and down Coton Road countless times a day and for the past six months someone has been letting their dog mess all the way up the path.

“It’s not a small amount and is added to daily. So my daughter had a fantastic idea of putting a poster up to ask dog owners nicely to pick it up as she hates having to dodge it every morning and afternoon.”

Jayme-Leigh designed and drew the poster and also left bags for people to use.

Naomi said: “I know I am not the only parent or resident in the area who is getting annoyed with this as this has been going on for months.

“I really want to try and change it for everyone’s benefit. A lot of people from school have asked Jayme-Leigh to make posters for outside their house.”

Cllr Dr Mark Williams, portfolio holder for sustainable environment, said: “It is great to see a youngster using her initiative to try and solve this problem in her street. Dog mess is revolting, and there is no excuse. We will shortly be launching a mobile app for people to report dog mess to the council.

”How we enforce dog control will be reviewed soon, but in the meantime you can report people who fail to clean up at rugby.gov.uk/dogfouling.”