Hillmorton man’s ‘12 in 12’ challenge moves on to Uganda

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Hillmorton man Andrew O’Brien’s gruelling 12 marathons in 12 month charity challenge moves to Kiwoko, Uganda, this month.

Andrew’s completing the feat to raise money for Kiwoko Hospital via the ISIS Foundation. Kiwoko is a rural hospital that helps children with AIDs and malnutrition who have no means of paying for their treatment other than by charity donations.

Andrew is also completing the Midnight Sun Marathon above the Arctic Circle and the Culture Marathon across the Swiss Alps. But this month, Andrew returns to the Ugandan bush in the third race in his 12-in-12 marathon challenge. He’ll also return to the Kiwoko Hospital where he was inspired to undertake the challenge.

He said: “I’m very excited about going back to Kiwoko hospital. This is where it all began.

“That trip changed my life. Ugandans are some of the warmest and most friendly people I’ve ever met, full of infectious joy and energy – despite the many challenges and obstacles they face. My marathon challenge is aimed at giving them something back.”

Andrew was so inspired after originally visiting the 25 acre Kiwoko hospital compound this time last year that he vowed to run 12 marathons in 12 months to raise money and awareness for The ISIS Foundation.

He added: “It’s going to be emotional for sure but I’m really looking forward to catching up with friends I made last year, some of the most amazingly resilient and inspiring people. And it’s home to many of the projects that the charity supports so it’ll be great to see how things have progressed since then.”

The Kiwoko Marathon will coincide with the Kiwoko Chase, an annual fundraiser organised by the hospital staff, through the lush red and green fields of the Nakaseke district alongside many of the local community.

Andrew said: “I ran the Kiwoko Chase last year and it was so much fun even though the last half of the race was uphill. The route was off-road along dirt tracks and the locals shouted ‘Muzungo’ as you run by, which means ‘white traveller’ and the day’s events culminated in a big African style barbecue.”

Support Andrew via his JustGiving page. See 12in
12forisis.com, for the link.