Hillmorton residents ‘under siege’ from homes

Kilsby Lane - GV NNL-170829-191453009
Kilsby Lane - GV NNL-170829-191453009

Rugby residents have formed a group to oppose a plan to build 130 homes which they said places Hillmorton under siege.

The group, Hillmorton Under Siege, is opposing plans to build 130 homes on a patch of land near Kilsby Lane.

Organiser Sam O’Rourke, of Crick Road, said: “This development will mean massive additional pressure on our public services, our roads, our medical facilities and our schools.”

Mrs O’Rourke is concerned on the impact the proposed development might have on school places for local children.

She said she realised how stretched schools in the area are after her daughter initially failed to secure a place at Ashlawn School, despite their living a mile away.

They appealed the decision and Mrs O’Rourke’s daughter was able to secure a place.

Hillmorton county councillor Yousef Dahmash said: “Due to the size of the proposed development on Kilsby Lane we would not see a requirement for any new schools meaning that if the development were to go ahead there would be even more pressure placed on local school places.”

Mrs O’Rourke said residents are concerned about how much the proposed development will affect traffic on Kilsby Lane and Crick Road – which they said is already causing problems.

Cllr Dahmash said: “The proposals for Kilsby Lane are yet another example of an unwanted and unsustainable speculative development in Hillmorton.

“The area has not been identified for development by local councillors in Rugby Borough Council’s new Local

“By coming together local residents in Hillmorton were recently able to fight off similarly unsuitable and unsustainable proposals for new housing developments on Barby Lane.

“I will continue to do all that I can to help in that fight and remain confident that when these proposals come before councillors on the planning committee at Rugby Borough Council they will once again stand up for our local community and ensure that new housing is provided in the areas of our town that they have identified and not where some developers see an opportunity to make a quick profit.”