Homes across Rugby targeted by burglars

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Burglars have targeted homes in a number of incidents across Rugby.

At around 12.30am on Saturday April 19, five intruders forced their way into a home in Marlborough Road and demanded cash from the resident. The householder was assaulted and the offenders made off.

At some point before 2.20pm on Sunday April 20, burglars entered a home in Montague Road through conservatory doors. Once inside, they entered the bedrooms and stole a laptop computer and several watches.

That night, offenders attempted to break into a home in John Thwaites Close by forcing the door handle and attempting to removed a panel from the door. They caused damage with the tools but failed to get inside the house and nothing was stolen.

At 4.14am on Monday April 18, the resident of a home in Plexfield Road was woken by his dog barking. On investigation, it was discovered that the front door was open. The offenders are thought to have been disturbed by the dog.

During the night of Saturday April 26 into Sunday April 27, offenders broke into a shed in the garden of a home in Carew Walk, Rugby. Once inside, they stole a Halfords motorbike battery charger.

During the same night, burglars entered a shed in the garden of a home in Planter Close and stole a Bosch electric drill and five Japanese hand saws.

And between Wednesday April 23 and Sunday April 27, intruders entered an unlocked shed in the garden of a home in Montgomery Drive, Rugby and stole an off-road 125cc dirt bike.

Anyone with information about these crimes should call the police on 101.