Hot weather blamed for spate of burglaries in Rugby

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The hot weather has been blamed for a sudden rise in the number of burglaries in Rugby.

Since the start of the current hot spell, a total of 17 burglaries have been reported across the borough, with five taking place within 24 hours.

Burglars have targeted homes with open windows and unlocked patio or conservatory doors.

Rugby Community Safety Partnership (CSP) has urged residents to step up security.

Residents should close windows, and check patio and conservatory doors have been locked, before going to bed.

In addition, car keys should be stored in a safe place, out of view.

Cllr Derek Poole, chair of Rugby CSP, stressed Rugby had a relatively low number of burglaries for a town of its size, but urged residents to keep security in mind during the current hot weather.

Cllr Poole said: “The hot weather has led opportunistic burglars to target homes with open windows or insecure patio and conservatory doors.

“We urge residents to make sure all windows and doors have been secured before going to bed, and to invest in patio door locks if necessary.”

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