House burglaries continue to fall in Warwickshire as Operation Citadel continues

Crash ''Hillmorton Road
Crash ''Hillmorton Road

The number of houses being burgled in Warwickshire continues to drop, according to new figures.

In the past ten months, between April 2012 and end of January 2013, there has been an 11 per cent decrease in domestic burglary with 207 fewer households having property stolen from them,

At the same time the number of burglaries being resolved increased from 9 per cent for the ten months to the end of January 2012, to 16.8 per cent for the same period this year.

Superintendent Graeme Pallister, Crime Manager for Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police, said: “Overall crime is continuing to fall in Warwickshire, but never the less we have recently introduced a number of initiatives to further drive down crime, particularly burglary.

“By continuing to analyse where the crime takes place are able to identify key areas within the county where the majority of the crime is committed.

“As part of Operation Citadel which is focusing on domestic burglary, we have set up a series of dedicated teams to focus on known offenders who commit burglary and other acquisitive crime within these areas.

“We have trigger plans in place for when two or more burglaries take place within a localised area. This includes increased police patrols in the area and enhanced engagement with local residents by our Safer Neighbourhood Teams who are able to provide crime prevention advice for people living near where a burglary has been reported.

“We are also encouraging householders to property mark their belongings with their postcode using ultra violet pens. The mark is invisible to the eye, but shows up when an ultra violet light is shined across it.

“Property marking not only acts as a deterrent to burglars, but it also helps to identify stolen property if it is recovered. This increases the chances of you getting your things back, and also means we can prove that property is stolen, which can help to bring a successful prosecution if the property is found in someone else’s possession.”

Property can also be registered on a number of websites such as

This site enables you to register your property for free. If your phone, bike, computer or any other registered item is lost or stolen, you can use Immobilise to instantly tell police, insurers, and the second-hand trade. These actions help greatly in the recovery of your property and capture of thieves.

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