House prices rising quickly according to Rugby agent

John Cockerill of Complete Estate Agents
John Cockerill of Complete Estate Agents

House prices are rising quickly – and the increase shows no sign of abating, according to John Cockerill of Compete Estate Agents.

The average property coming to market is now priced at £251,964.

This works out as 6.9 per cent - or £16,223 - more than a year ago, and is the highest annual rate for six years.

And Mr Cockerill believes this month has been exceptionally strong for prices.

He said: “The market is continuing to rebound and doesn’t show any signs of plateauing in the next few months.

“Whilst February is historically a positive month for prices of property coming to market, this is the second highest February rise since the Rightmove index began in September 2001.”

He added: “On average new sellers are now asking over £16,000 more than those who came to market a year ago, a rate of increase not seen since before the ‘credit-crunch’ took hold in 2008. Those contemplating trading up, down or out may well be encouraged to come to market as they see their equity grow as prices rise.”

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