House training for puppy Wilson

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WILSON the Guide Dog puppy sponsored by housebuilder David Wilson East Midlands has made his first public appearance at a new homes development.

The yellow labrador, who is now eight months old, recently met David Wilson staff and customers where he showed off the numerous commands he has learnt from his Northampton-based puppy walkers Richard and Pamela Nash.

Wilson, who was born on Christmas Eve in a litter of ten, was placed with Richard and Pamela when he was six weeks old.

His first visit to David Wilson coincides with the successful completion of the first of three stages of training.

Richard said: “Wilson is an absolutely adorable puppy with and we are having a lot of fun training him and teaching him all the necessary commands that go alongside his 12 week training plan.

“This house training is progressing well and his basic commands such as ‘sit’, ‘down’ and ‘wait’ are coming along really well too. We’re even venturing out to supermarkets and to the weekly Guide Dogs coffee mornings where he is fast becoming the star of the show.

“We’re extremely pleased with the progress of his training to date but there is still a lot for him to learn before he can become and actual Guide Dog but we look forward to sharing the experience with his sponsors, David Wilson.”