Housing association: don’t stigmatise families

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HOUSING association Bromford has reacted to the government’s announcement about the support to be offered to ‘troubled families.’

John Wade, managing director of Bromford Support said help needs to be given at the earliest point.

He said: “We would call for families to be able to access the help that has been announced at an earlier point.”

Executive director Nick Cummins believes there is a risk of stigmatising families. He said: “We welcome the increased investment though we would encourage the government to be mindful that prevention of these problems needs to be as centre-stage as well as intervention.”

He added: “Many of the families that the government is seeking to support with this initiative are ‘families with problems’ not ‘problem families.’

“We are conscious that there is a risk of creating an unhelpful stigma around these families if we are not careful with the language we use to identify them.”