Huge buffet plate structure built at refurbished restautant

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A FAMILY restaurant in Rugby has undergone a £70,000 refurbishment.

Following the refurbishment Brewers Fayre has launched its new Buffet Place - an new all-you-can-eat buffet to run alongside complement the regular menu.

To mark the occasion he restaurant, off Leicester Road in Central Park, commissioned the expertise of a civil engineer to build an impressive one-off buffet structure.

Stuart Holdsworth, who has been a practicing civil engineer for more than 25 years, approached the task of designing the buffet plate with his professional hard-hat firmly in place – assessing the most fitting foods to act as the ‘footings’, ‘gurders’ and ‘concrete’ of the buffet structure.

He said: “I was impressed with the choice available from the Brewers Fayre Buffet Place which ensured the structure could be built with success. The oven roast chicken and battered fish were perfect foundations for my structure, while the naan breads and prawn crackers acted very much like gurders, supporting the food as the plate steadily rose in height. Finally, foods such as the chips and sausages acted as the concrete, tightly filling every free space in the structure to maximise its height while reducing the risk of spilling.”

Emma Price from Brewers Fayre added: “We are very impressed with Stuart’s approach to creating a striking buffet plate.”