Huge swathes of wildlife are in rapid decline across Warwickshire

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The alarming pace Warwickshire’s wildlife is declining has been revealed in a ground-breaking report.

A total of 43 moths, five bumblebees and 75 plants are now extinct in the county and many others on the verge of disappearing completely. Hedgehogs are also in trouble and the turtledove is also on the verge of extinction.

The report, issued by Sir David Attenborough and contributed to by organisations including Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, found that 60 per cent of native species of wildlife was in decline. In Warwickshire the wood white butterfly is on the verge of extinction in our region, with only one butterfly being seen last year.

We have also lost over 97 per cent of native wild flower meadows in the region. The county is also currently loosing 1 species of plant every 3 years due to habitat loss and habitat change.

Stephen Trotter, chief operating officer of Warwickshire Wildlife Trust said: “It is time for us to take action to save nature and we are calling on people to give their support. We can all do something for nature, whether it is volunteering on a nature reserve, surveying species or making wildlife-friendly garden.”