Humanists complete funeral training at Rainsbrook Crematorium in Rugby

Rainsbrook Crematorium
Rainsbrook Crematorium

People from across the country met at a Rugby crematorium to complete their training to become humanist funeral celebrants.

Humanism is an approach to life based on reason and respect for others, and funerals are conducted with non-religious influences.

Rainsbrook Crematorium was chosen as the training venue last Saturday as it offers state-of-the art facilities.

The training to become an accredited celebrant takes three months, after which the trainees join the growing network of around 300 Humanist Ceremonies celebrants working across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

They will be part of the British Humanist Association (BHA), the charity that represents the needs and perspectives of non-religious people.

The BHA is now the leading provider of non-religious funerals.

Sylvie Summer, a humanist celebrant based in Rugby, said: “Rainsbrook is a wonderful contemporary setting for humanist funerals.

“There is a magnificent view of the Warwickshire countryside from the Avon chapel, and families have appreciated the tranquillity and space.”

Ms Summer also conducts memorial services, naming and adoption ceremonies, coming of age, weddings and partnerships.

As more and more people have identified as non-religious, the demand for these ceremonies has grown, and now around 750,000 people a year attend humanist funerals.

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