Hundreds of motorists targeted during Warwickshire Police speed campaign

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POLICE and community speedwatch groups spoke to around 700 motorists during a ten day speeding campaign last month.

Speed checks were carried out across the county in various locations, including Rugby and Brinklow, between August 16 and 26.

Although the speed of 64 vehicles were checked in Seabrooke Avenue and Bloxham Gardens in New Bilton Rugby on 22 August, none were found to be speeding. Police said this is an excellent result and reassuring for local residents.

The same day in Church Hill, Wolvey over 100 vehicles were checked entering and leaving the village and 15 were found to be exceeding the limit and have been issued with warning letters.

Supt Adrian McGee, from Warwickshire Police said: “This was an opportunity to address the concerns of local communities who frequently ask us to do something about drivers speeding past their homes putting lives at risk.

“Over the last few years, on average 35 people a year die on Warwickshire’s roads and this is just one activity officers are conducting on Warwickshire’s roads to make them safer for people who live, work or visit Warwickshire.”

During the campaign, Officers from Safer Neighbourhood Teams and Community Speedwatch Groups used portable speed measuring devices to measure traffic speed on local roads. As a result 371 motorists were given verbal or written warnings.

Speeding motorists also risk being caught on one of the county’s many Safety Cameras. During the period of the campaign 652 motorists were caught speeding on the fixed camera network and 328 were caught speeding by Warwickshire Police mobile enforcement vehicles that operate throughout the county. These motorists face a range of penalties from having to attend a Speed Awareness Course to a £60 fixed penality notice and 3 points or a summons to court where the Magistrate will decide the penalty. Anyone stopped on suspicion of speeding is also breath tested.

Supt Adrian McGee said: “We hope this activity will help encourage motorists to watch their speed on local roads and reduce the risk of harm. Excess speed is a factor in over 25% of all deaths on the roads. Please respect the speed limit and slow down further if driving conditions are poor.”

To find out more about the work Warwickshire Police is doing to make the county’s roads safer by addressing the nuisance caused by off road motorbikes, denying criminals the use of the roads and how officers use techniques such as the tactical pursuit and containment of suspected criminals, please click on the blue text link below.