I’m doing this for mum

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HILLMORTON fundraiser Kate Harris will be taking part in Race for Life for the sixth time this summer.

She has pledged to join Rugby’s women-only event in memory of her mother, Gwyneth Hakewill.

Kate, 61, of Studland Avenue, lost her mother to kidney cancer on March 4, 2008 at the age of 90.

“I was very close to my mother and I still miss her,” she said.

“We had an extremely strong bond and we enjoyed having a good laugh together.”

Kate had an almost idyllic childhood, growing up on a busy farm in Braybrooke, near Market Harborough, with her two sisters and brother.

She added: “My Mother was a farmer’s wife and mayoress of Kettering in 1975 when my Dad, Charles Hakewill, was mayor.

“I have lots of happy memories. Mum was always there for me and it’s hard knowing I will never see her again. I like to think she’s with my Dad.”

Kate takes comfort in the fact that her Mother never suffered any pain with the disease.

“I was told the pain message didn’t reach her head,” she said.

“It was wonderful to think that she didn’t suffer any discomfort and at the grand age of 90. She didn’t want to go into hospital. She didn’t like hospitals and we, my family, managed to keep her in her own house.”

Kate said her Mother loved to be at home and received 24 hour support with carers.

“I used to stay overnight one day a week and give the carer a day off,” Kate said.

“I was with her on the last night and it was good that we could keep to her wishes.”

Kate is all too aware of how cancer can strike anyone at any time.

“My husband, Peter, lost his mother Rosemary Harris to lung cancer in 1985. She was 56,” she said.

“It was devastating when my daughter-in-law’s father, Dave Silvester, died of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, two years ago.

He was only 63. Dave was such a lovely man who was well liked by everybody.”

Another of Kate’s friends recently died from bowel cancer aged 66.

“She was a wonderful woman,” she said.

Kate has already raised around £500 for Cancer Research by taking part in five other Race for Life events in Worcestershire with her sister, Diana Radcliffe.

“I’m so glad it’s come to Rugby,” she said.

“When I’ve taken part in the other races crowd support has really helped.

“To see people turn out and cheer to give you support really spurs you on.”

Kate, who has two sons, Anthony and Chris, and two grandchildren Lucy, seven, and Finley, four, is urging other girls and women in the Rugby area to put on their running shoes on July 31.

“Cancer Research is a wonderful cause who do a lot of fantastic work,” she said.

Rugby’s first ever Race for Life takes place at Whitehall Recreation Ground.

Kate added: “When I take part in the race, I will feel my mother by my side.”

To enter telephone 0871 641 1111 or visit www.raceforlife.org

Race for Life is being supported by the Advertiser.

Are you taking part in Race for Life? Please telephone Lucie Green or Alice Dyer on (01788) 539977.