I’m Harry Hill, says defendant mockingly as Rugby suspect locked up after drunken outburst in dock

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An alleged drug supplier has been remanded in custody after turning up drunk for his hearing at Warwick Crown Court – for the second time.

Initially Judge Marten Coates issued a warrant for the arrest of John Berrill when he failed to appear in court in December, having been ejected by security staff for his drunken behaviour.

Berrill, 40, of Millers Dale Close, Rugby, was again ejected last week after becoming abusive - and staff from Leamington police station had sent him on his way before officers who were in court could get to the entrance to arrest him.

But those officers searched the area, and Berrill, who was clearly drunk, was arrested at Leamington station and brought back to the court.

When the clerk asked him if he was John Berrill, the defendant, angrily flailing out at dock officers as they tried to get him to face the front, snapped: “No, I’m ****ing Harry Hill. Of course I’m ****ing John Berrill.”

Judge Coates told him: “This is the second time you’ve attended court in this condition. I’m remanding you in custody and I’ll deal with you when you’re sober.”

Realising he was to be kept in custody, Berrill hurled a stream of abuse at the judge and dock officers, again flailing out with his arms as he was led from the dock.

In other hearings, Leroy Simpson, 32, of Charlesfield Road, Rugby, denied conspiring to supply heroin, but pleaded guilty to supplying the drug to an undercover officer in March last year and supplying Shane Tune with heroin on March 21. His case was adjourned for him to be sentenced at a later date.

Shane Tune, 27, of Knowle Close, Rugby, denied three charges of conspiring to supply heroin, but admitted five of supplying heroin to an undercover officer on various dates, including March 21. He was also remanded in custody to await sentencing.

A 17-year-old from London, and Jake Cannell of Cambridge, pleaded guilty to conspiring to supply heroin, and Cannell also admitted conspiring to supply crack cocaine. Their cases were also adjourned, and Cannell was remanded in custody but Amponsah was granted bail.