Improvement at Ryton Pools Country Park

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AS Spring arrives, Ryton Pools Country Park is set for a busy time with a range of new developments taking place around the site.

Among the scheduled improvements for visitors to the park are a new play area, replacement toilet block and better fishing facilities.

Cllr Helen Walton, Warwickshire County Council’s spokesperson for the Communities Group, said: “We are delighted to announce some significant improvements to Ryton Pools Country Park throughout 2012 and 2013.

“We have used our visitor satisfaction surveys to guide the priorities for our 170,000 annual visitors, so that we ensure that Ryton Pools continues to go from strength to strength.”


The welcome arrival of a new play area comes after a successful grant bid was made to Waste Recycling Environmental Ltd (WREN). It will replace the old, timber adventure play area beside Ryton Pool.

The Country Parks service has been consulting visitors about what they would like to see in a new play area and will use this information to work with specialist suppliers. Look out for updates on the Country Parks website and in the park!

The aim is to install a varied and exiting new play area, providing enjoyment for children of all abilities and ages and that the whole family can get involved in. It will also be larger than the current one, making use of the slope and other natural features.


Perhaps not the most glamorous aspect of the park, but an essential facility for visitors!

Craig Earl, Senior Ranger at Ryton, said “The existing toilet block is in an old temporary building and struggles to cope with demand at busy times and is showing its age.

“Customer satisfaction surveys have also highlighted the fact that visitors feel that the park deserves something more suitable. This year we will be responding to those comments, and addressing this by replacing it with a new block which will serve us long into the future.”


Warwickshire County Council is working in partnership with Leamington Angling Association to improve safety and access to fishing pegs on part of Ryton Pool.

A new walkway will be created at water level replacing the existing fishing pegs and the steep steps which are currently used to access them. Work has already begun with the clearance of scrub, and some trees on the bank side.

When complete the walkway will be far more accessible for less able anglers. The park hopes to develop a Young Anglers program to introduce more young people to fishing and the countryside.

Councillor Helen Walton said: “This is a great example of partnership working, and will no doubt have considerable benefits for both the club and the country park by providing a much improved and accessible fishing platform from which to fish.”

The preparatory scrub clearance has prompted interest from visitors. The Country Parks service would like to reassure all visitors that, while the bank will look different for a time the trees have been coppiced and will re-grow to soften the open appearance. In the meantime, the south facing aspect of the bank will make it a great habitat for ground flora and many valuable insect species.

While the walkway is constructed it will be necessary to close Ryton Pool Car Park and the footpath at the top of the bank. We will endeavour to keep visitors fully informed as work progresses and to minimise the inconvenience to them.


After holding the vehicle entry price static at £2 for four years, Ryton Pools is increasing the parking tariff to £2.50 from Sunday 1st April 2012.

This price still entitles visitors to park for a whole day.

The Country Park continues to offer great value parking permits and all income from fees and charges is used to continually maintain and improve Ryton Pools for the benefit of visitors and wildlife alike.