In the spotlight: Bilton Post Office newsagents

Mr Ali.
Mr Ali.

This week the Advertiser focuses on newsagent Amjad Ali, of Bilton Post office on Main Street.

Excluding supermarkets, the store sells the second highest number of copies of the Advertiser.

Mr Ali said: “When I took over I made changes to turn it from a local post office to a main post office. I took a risk and decided to become the only post office in the Rugby area to be open seven days a week.

"People working from 9-5 Monday to Friday found it hard to get to and do their things in the shop.

"Staying open works really well - especially on Sundays. We deliver a huge amount of newspapers in the mornings. It’s quite hard but we feel it’s really important - especially for the elderly residents - so we try to keep that service.

"The main thing we did in the start is focus on giving people the best customer service. We welcome customers with a smile, we have a chat and we like to make people feel comfortable.”

Mr Ali thanked his staff and customers.