Indie rockers Attica launch their first album in six year at Verve in Rugby

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A POPULAR band are going back to basics to do what they love best and will be celebrating their tenth year in the music industry by releasing their new album at a town centre venue.

Attica will launch their new album - As The Crow Flies - at Verve Bar in North Street, Rugby on October 22. The album is the first from Attica for six years and has been recorded in Leamington Spa with Paul Weller producer John Rivers.

The band, featuring James Berryman (vocals/guitar), Adam Wright (bass/backing vocals), Tom Hill (drums) and Ben Shanahan (sax/backing vocals) parted ways with their record label and have not looked back since.

James said: “Since parting ways with our record label we have a renewed sense of freedom and believe me, we’re in no hurry to find a new label.

“With this new record we really wanted to let our hair down and just be ourselves. A few years ago we were so concerned with what we thought the industry wanted to hear that we ended up writing music for them and not us. We’re older now and to be honest, we couldn’t care less about what’s cool, what’s not, what you should be wearing or where should you be seen playing. It’s about the four members of the band being themselves.

“Attica is ten years old this year, so it’s apt that we should be releasing what we believe to be our best record to date.”

As The Crow Flies will be available to buy from iTunes, Amazon and the band’s website.

Attica have also made a documentary called Other Ghostly Echos which follows them during the album recording process. It will be available to watch on YouTube from October 15.