Interactive maps simplify school admissions in Warwickshire

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Parents applying for a school place in Warwickshire can now

take advantage of interactive maps which show the priority

area school for their home address.

Parents are free to apply for a place at any school but an

application for the priority area school is often more

likely to be successful.

Up until recently parents wanting to find out the priority area school for a particular

address needed to either contact the School Admissions

Service or consider a written description of the area.

A new tool now available on the Warwickshire County Council

website allows parents to receive instant confirmation of

the priority area school by simply inputting their postcode

and clicking on their house using the interactive map.

Brief information on the school is available along with a

link to the school’s website.

The project has been led by Bern Timings from the School

Admissions Team. Having dealt directly with parents

applying for a school place, Bern understands perfectly the

importance of the admissions process.

He said: “Deciding on which school to apply for a place at

is a very important decision for parents. In Warwickshire

we’re determined to make this process as easy as possible

and this new system will make a real difference to the

admissions process.”

Maps are available for primary and secondary schools as

well as the priority circles for Warwickshire’s grammar

schools in the relevant sections on the webpage